Head Graphene XT Extreme 155

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Lightweight meets power in the GRAPHENE XT EXTREME 155, the perfect racquet for the true enthusiast and competitive player.

  • Description

    Product Description

    The most power sometimes hides in the lightest package. The GRAPHENE XT EXTREME 155 is the best example. It might be the lightest racquetball racket HEAD has ever made, but at the same time it gives you some serious power. Thanks to the Graphene XT Technology, the weight of the racket is distributed to where you need it most for a faster swing speed and explosive power. As if that was not enough, we also lengthened the main strings by creating moulded tubes in the throat of the racket. These Power Channels™ create a high throat stiffness for an incredible increase in raw power. The optimised Delta Frame shape allows for the largest sweet spot maximising the hitting zone, while the Power Stabiliser in the racket’s head guarantees stability so you can control the awesome power, even on off-centre shots. The racket features the new Adaptive String Pattern Technology (ASP), which allows you to customise your string pattern for mid power and string durability or extreme power and maximum feel. Amazingly light and extremely powerful, the GRAPHENE EXTREME 155 is the perfect weapon for the true enthusiast and competitive player.

  • Product Specification

    Product Specification

    Dimensions 55.7 cm

    Graphene XT Extreme 155, Graphene XT Extreme 165, Graphene XT Extreme 175, Graphene XT Extreme Edge, Graphene XT Extreme Pro

    Head Size

    107 in²

    String Pattern

    12×16, 16×16